What equipment should I use for my vegan cooking? Look no where else! I have supplied you with my essential equipment list, check it out.

What knives should I use?

My chef’s knife is from Cutting Edge Knives.
I highly recommend them for beautifully handcrafted Japanese knives:

My paring knives are by Victorinox.
You do not need to spend a lot of money on paring knives. These are great value for money and are perfect for the smaller jobs:

My other chef’s knife which is much more affordable and great for avid home cooks is by Global. It has a nice balance and weight to it, if you like your knife to be slightly heavier than the handcrafted Japanese wooden knives.

You can buy it as part of a package here, for a great price:

Which blender should I use?

I love love love my Vitamix blender. I understand they are much more expensive than the alternatives on the market but you are guaranteed to get great results with your food every time. It is no surprise that many restaurants and cafes use this brand too.

If you are prepared to make the investment, this product will last forever. Plus, they have a great manufacturers guarantee.

Check it out here: