Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Last week I got the opportunity to visit Ho Chi Minh City. During my stay I got to see a lot of the city and ate a lot of tasty vegan food!

The view from my apartment

It is a charming city with very friendly people. I barely even touched the sides when it came to the massive pool of vegan restaurants in the city, but I want to share what I did get to experience!

So if you are a fellow vegan looking to travel to Vietnam, i’d recommend reading this and visiting Ho Chi Minh City!

I will start with the food. I ate at various places, including Japanese, Italian, fusion establishments, vegan junk food specialists and many local vietnamese – mostly Cơm Cháy – establishments.

I could probably do a whole post about Cơm Cháy but i’ll save you guys from that and just quickly explain here what it is for you. Cơm means rice and Cháy means vegetarian, so in these establishments they serve you a big mound of rice and loads of vegetarian toppings like tofu, fake meat, and vegetables. I love these places, super cheap wholesome food!

Herbivora – newly opened in the Ben Thanh Street Food Market. Would highly recommend for a vegan junk food fix!
One of my many Cơm Cháy

I really enjoyed the Loving Hut in Ho Chi Minh City, but wasn’t so impressed with the Loving Hut in Phu Quoc. Shame the franchise doesn’t have consistency!

One of the city’s oldest dessert restaurants in China Town. Many of their desserts are accidentally vegan. Unfortunately I am unable to locate this place again 🙁

Two of the desserts that we tried from the dessert restaurant, herbal jelly and sesame coconut rice balls:

My first ever bánh xèo
Vegan Kitchen, check out my previous blog post to read more about the establishment

I was in the city for over a week, but this would be a stupidly long post if I were to include everything I ate, especially since I eat a lot.

I think Ho Chi Minh City has a real charm and a nice mix of old and new. I got to see temples, the post office, and a few of the museums.

I accidentally took a family photo when photographing the inside of the Post Office
I loved this building and it’s many establishments with separate balconies

I really enjoy visiting buddhist temples, so full of colour! I find them to be extremely peaceful places.

I loved this Monk, he was sat watching a boxing match outside the temple

In case it couldn’t get any better, it also has a thriving night life, check it out!

If you do happen to visit the city yourself or have been there in the past, I hope you share your experience with me too!


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