Our First Week in Dishes

The Ziemia test kitchen is now officially open!

We spent a few days creating dishes, learning traditional vietnamese dishes, and playing around with fusion Banh Mi’s (a traditional vietnamese sandwich). We even tested our Banh Mi’s on the public and they went down a treat!

Loads of fresh veg, herbs, and fruits

I started by creating a vietnamese style kimchi. I love fermenting foods and fusing together different flavours. For this kimchi I added cubed jicama, morning glory, lemongrass, and galangal to my normal recipe.

I plan to use it in a fusion banh mi (keep an eye out for the recipe soon).

The test kitchen was a hive of activity. Watermelon was used to create a curry, the coconut flesh was taken from a young coconut for a tofu dish and Kim Chi cracked loads of black pepper that was grown here on the island.

At the end of the week we took a table to our land to sell and sample our fusion Banh Mi.

Jack at our pop-up stall creating banh mi samples

It was good fun creating food together, learning some vietnamese dishes, and finding out what the general public liked.

Now, here are the final results of each of the dishes created.

Watermelon curry, with tofu, mixed veg and black pepper
Lemongrass and chilli tofu with coconut meat

Here are mine and Jack’s takes on Banh Mi. Jacks on the left: Garlic herbed mushrooms, bbq aubergine, and borlotti bean hummus. Mine of the right: Coconut ketchup, jerk pulled mushroom, and pineapple salsa.

Last of all, Thuy taught us how to make the summer rolls

This weekend I am off to Ho Chi Minh City to try out the local vietnamese food and to explore. Expect lots more beautiful food and culture pictures!

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