Phu Quoc Market Research

Ziemia, our new vegan restaurant project in Phu Quoc, is starting to become more of a reality. The build will begin in a few weeks and should take 2-3 months to complete.

Jack surveying our land

In the time being we, Ziemia’s ‘Earth Tribe’, will be testing recipes in our kiosk and taking the food out to sell in the markets. In addition to this, we are conducting market research, testing the local produce and eating food from our potential competitors.


The other night we went to Phu Quoc’s Night Market, a vibrant bustling market place full of food vendors and restaurants.

Whilst the market is full to the brim with seafood restaurants we found a vegan restaurant set just outside the hustle and bustle.

‘Chay’ means vegetarian in Vietnamese

It is part of the Loving Hut franchise and gave us some food for thought with what dishes we would create ourselves.

Today we tried a few of the vegan Banh Mi’s (a vietnamese sandwich). This is a potential dish that we may try and work our fusion magic on!

This week we are testing food in the kiosk, so expect more updates soon!


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