Feeding Body and Mind

Thank you for joining me on my new blogging journey! My goals are simple: to create one site where I can share my own vegan recipes; review products and restaurants; talk about my journey as a chef and to write about animal ethics and political theory, which have had a huge impact on my life. Hopefully, I can shine a new light on veganism (and the wonderful food you can create), whilst also opening up a pathway to a balanced ethical discussion on what I feel is a necessary step to saving our planet!

I learnt about Animal Rights at The University of Sheffield. It didn’t take me long to turn vegan after reading some of the literature. This fuelled a passion for vegan cooking and has taken me into a whole new world of cheffing. What a journey i’ve had! My next journey will include both these passions – politics and food – with a goal of feeding both your body and your mind! 

“We are, quite literally, gambling with the future of our planet- for the sake of hamburgers”
― Peter SingerAnimal Liberation

I hope you enjoy following my ethical cheffing journey!

P.s. here is a quick, obligatory selfie to introduce myself…

Donning the whites

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